Sergei Akmedzianov 

                                     World Charitable Fund, Russia
Feb 10, 2018
Dear Friends,
Greetings from Russia.  It is great to realize that the Lord promised to finish the work He started in us and through us.  2017 was very memorable.  Our son married in the beginning of 2017 and at the end of December, our new grandson was born.  The called him David.
Christmas service was amazing.  Half of the people were new to hear the Gospel.  Our Jewish friends joined us in singing carols and hymns.  They are getting more and more open to hear the Gospel.
Their respect to us is very touching.  When the local Jewish community celebrated Hanukah in a restaurant, they invited Marina and I to join them and paid for us.  God is giving us favor.
Sometime ago I was invited to a meeting with a very special man.  His name is Joseph Mendelevich.  He is a rabbi and lives in Jerusalem.  He came to visit several local Jewish communitites in central Russia and shared his story.  It was astonishing.  He spent 11 years in camps.  In 1970 Joseph and eleven of his friends tried to leave for their homeland Israel.  They applied to the Soviet government to let them go but they were denied.  The decided to highjack a small airliner without any harm to a pilot but were captured.  Two of the group were sentenced to death the others to different terms of imprisonment.  However, thanks to international community the death sentenced were changed to 15 years in camps.  Joseph was about 20 years old and got 11 years years in camps.  Three years he spent in a solitary cell in Vladimir's prison.  They were heroes going against the system fulfilling God's call to get to the promise land.  It looked that they failed.  Nevertheless, they did not.  Due to their act, the Soviet government had to allow Jews to leave for Israel.  Before that event, only 500-600 Jews lefft the USSR every year.  The first year after their judicial trial 5000 people got permission to go to Israel.  From 1970 until 1981 (years of his imprisonment) more than 150,000 Jews immigrated to the land of promise.
The price he paid brought freedom to many.  We have the message of salvation to preach, which is worth to pay at any price if it needs to pay.
May God bless all of us in accomplishing His plan.
With the love of our Savior
Sergei and Marina 

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