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                             Sergei Akmedzianov 

                                     World Charitable Fund, Russia
September, 2018
Dear Friends,
Shalom from Russia.  The last summer was very busy with outreach.  three churches came together to do weekly outreach in a local park.  We started at the end of May.  First, the team met weekly to practice the program, which we called 'The Gospel in verses, poems and songs'.  That was the first time when we did it together with the local Baptist church.  Pastor Vladimir and I sang songs, several people read verses and poems.  Two weeks God gave us an idea to approach a priest of a local Catholic church to do the program in their church and he agreed.  Moreover, he is interested in doing it together during the wintertime on a regular base.  The good thing is that their church is located in the very center of the city and we can invite people before the event.  In addition, even if they cannot come we can talk with the them about the Gospel.  The first outreach is supposed to take place at the end of October.  In addition, our state government invited evangelical churches to participate their project.  They organize a conference for Religion studies departments of Universities of Russia.  They expect about hundred teachers to come from different parts of the country to participate.  According to their program, they want to open opportunity to the participants of the conference to be acquainted with evangelical culture.  Therefore, we are going to do the same outreach program for them too.  It will happen on Octover 14.
We had a great time celebrating Rosh-a-Shana in a local Jewish community.  They again invited us and paid for Marina and I.  We did not expect them to do it but that was their desire to honor us.
I blew the trumpet and sang songs for them.  We all were blessed.
I am close to finish a book "Jewishness of Jews" sharing the Gospel through the books of Tanah, which is equal to our Old Testament.  Since they study Tora and use the books of the Old Testament, I used it as an opportunity to share with them the calling of their nation.  I have already several people from the community, who read the draft and I heard from them positive responses.  Glory to God!
My family is doing well.  At the end of August on my birthday, we had family picture time.  There is one more member of the family since the last year.  His name is David and he is 9 month.  He is Sergei's and Luba's son.
Thank you very much for being part of our lives through your prayer encouragement and support. 
With the love of our Savior
Sergei and Marina 

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