Sergei Akmedzianov 

                                     World Charitable Fund, Russia
Aug 3, 2017
Dear Friends,
Greeting from Russia.  God is moving!  You might remember that the last year we tried to organize public Bible reading and the city government was not cooperative at all.  they showed disrespect big time by giving us awkward places for such an important events.  We decided to do it because it was still an opportunity to proclaim the word of God publicly.  We believe that God would bless us with more because he chose to be faithful in small.  This year we see the fulfilment of that expectation.  the regional (type of a State) government is organizing a big event.  They called it a Festival of spiritual songs.
Their idea is to keep unity between people of different religions and to demonstrate equal right for all religions in the region.  It is not spiritual ecumenical movement.  It is social act to prevent hate between people of different faiths.  Each religion will get an opportunity to make a concert of spiritual songs.  The government will pay for advertising and rent of halls.  The regional government invited all religions to participate.  Evangelical churches decided to work together and to use the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel through the songs we are going to sing.  We started joined choir practices.  Each church will be able to present one or two individual songs.  We plan to have 1 hour 30 minutes concert of Christian songs and the regional government will advertise that concert.  God is good!  The event will take place sometime in October-November.
Time goes by very fast.  More than 4 years has passed since the time when our daughter and son-in-law adopted two brothers.  The older one Sasha is going to school this year.  It reminds me the fact that God has adopted us into His family.  Glory!
We continue ministry to our Jewish friends and thank you very much for your prayers and support which made it possible.
we ask you to pray for preparation of that Regional Festival.  In addition, we ask you to continue to pray for boldness to proclaim the Gospel.
Thank you very much for staying our Friends. 
Thank you very much for your friendship, your prayers, encouragement and support for so many years.
God bless you!
Sergei and Marina 

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