Summer 2016


Dear friends:

Feburary mission trip was canceled due to unrest surrounding the Haiti elections.

Summer Mission 2016: Action-Packed! 

Last summer, Hand to Hand for Haiti partnered with La Chorale Misionaire di L'Eglise Wesleyenne de Cite Chauvel du Cap Haiten, a church mission in Haiti that organizes a two-week mission in a different location every year.  Perard Valbrun leads this mission, which gathers about 250 volunteers for multiple activities.

This year, Hand to Hand for Haiti will be joining them again.  Joseph and Micheline Michel and Pastor Edward Haynes will go to Haiti for the mission in Mirebelais.  The mission will be July 6-10, and will be preceded by a training conference for the volunteers.

Activities of the 2015 mission in Marmelade will be repeated this year:

1.  Seminars to train leaders and pastors, led by Apostle Haynes

2.  A Youth conference for about 200 young people

3.  March for Jesus, a daily time of public praise

4.  Door-to-door evangelism

5.  A group wedding for a large number of couples; a tremendous event for strengthening families.

6.  Evangelistic meetings at night, led by Apostle Haynes and some Haitian pastors.

7.  Perhaps most exciting is that we are expecting about 1000 children for Vacation Bible School, to be held in two locations (Cap Haitien and Mirebelais) for two days each.  The children will do crafts, eat together and learn about God's love for them as they explore the store of Jonah.  These lessons can have a lifetime impact on these children, giving them a solid reason for hope.


Micheline Michel will train the teachers for the VBS.  She said last year the children, who had experienced nothing like it, were very happy with VBS.  In fact, she was told that some children cambe back the day after it was over and were disappointed that they could not have another day of VBS.

Hand to Hand for Haiti has been asked to probide food for the children and others who attend the programs.  We have some food to ship, but we need to buy or collect the remainder.

Your prayers and gifts are requested to support this high-impact event.

Special Clinic Draws 130

On May 13, Mrs Perard Valbrun, leader of the mission we will be working with in July, brought 12 doctors and 2 hurses to Hand to Hand for Haiti's clinic in Carrefour-des-peres.  The clinic has a building, but for logistical purposes the large group saw paptients outside.  One volunteer was an eye doctor who brought eyeglasses to give people.  The group helped about 130 patients before closing at 6 pm.


How You Can Help

Hand to hand for Haiti is a small organization.  Therefore, each donatio has maximum impact

$5 will provide two Bibles

$6 will feed 1 child guring the VBS

$200 will sponsor construction of an outhouse, helping prevent the spread of disease.

$300 will pay the doctor for a month of weekly visits to the clinic.

$500 will ship a vanload of goods.

$1500 will rebuild the well in Carrefour-des-peres.

$4-5000 will finish the security wall needed to protect the clinic.


Donations of any amount are always welcome!  use the enclosed envelope, or our secure online donation site at



Please let us know if you have information on organizations that many donate goods or services , or provide them at cost.

Would your church or club host Hand to Hand for Haiti presentation?  We can do 10-60 minutes.  Would you include us as part of your missions event?  Would you give us space for a bake sale, information table or event?


You don't need to go to Haiti in order to help people in Haiti.  We need VIPs (Volunteers in Place) to do what they can where they are. 


Thank you for your donations and your prayers.


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