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April 2018



Ministry Out-takes

Forty teen boys packed into the hot classroom last week at Nsobe School, ready to ask their burning questions about relationships, sexual issues, and diseases.  But first we had a short story to share.  The students closed their eyes, listened and picutred the following story. "You're a tiny baby.  You are crying.  Your mother holds you close to her body and says to you, 'Don't worry, I've got you.  You are safe.  You can relax now.  Later you can care for yourself, but for now you are my priority.  You are safe.  You can relax.'  She touches your cheek gently and then runs her fingers softly through your hair."  When we told them to open their eyes, we could see many were filled with tears.  We asked, "What did you FEEL?" They said, "Cared for. Safe. Warm. Loved."  We said, "THAT is the feeling of love!  Boys, your goal is to make your wife feel these - safe, warm, protected, cared for!" This was a new concept to them and also to the 75+ fathers wo attended later in the day.  By the end of the week, these same men, over 150 women, 85 youth, and 14 teachers - all felt challenged and grateful for this and many other illustrations.


Love, temptation, unfaithfulness, and cultural practices are real topics they all yearn to talk about - but most are too taboo for them to raise!  However, we safely can and we endeavor to make Jesus and His teachings the focus!


Everywhere we teach we hear, "This was too short!  We need ot do this again!" Each time we sense the Lord working in the hearts of His people - calling them to a life lived for Him and of joy, adrenaline, and deep thankfulness we feel during each lesson time.  Thank you for enabling us to be that voice that encourages, challenges, and teaches.


The business Accountablility Group, led by Stephen Wolff of Ecotruk, finished their course and received their certificates of entrepreneur training.  Each young man has been given "talents" to use to start a small business and mulitply before Stephen's next visit.  We are so grateful for the hope and encouragement this has brought to these boys!  Pethias will be guiding them trough further discussions and trainings every two weeks for the next eyar.


Ecotruk also blessed the ministry with 2 new cargo bicycles for our Nephews to utilize for income generation!  Thank you for such an wonderful gift that is sure to bless many families and boys!


Easter was a major focus for the boys this month.  Activity day was spent with groups of boys creating their own felt story board pieces and then sharing the Eastor story at outreach.  They did a great job and we were very proud of their efforts!


Our Easter celebration included the Jesus Story in the Bemba language, the story board, an egg hunt, a challenging message, and their faorite Easter cupcake!


When one of the 44 boys lost his bouncy ball prize, it would typically have taken a lot of coaxing to locate it.  This year?  This year an older boy admitted to having an extra ball and happily handed it back to the young man!  Everyone broke into applause for the forthright way it was handled and we see it as a marked change in their choices!  To God be the glory!


Praise for:

Praise for the impact the lessons had on the Nsobe school community!

Praise for the gif of new bicycles and the 'talent' program for entreprenuer graduates!


Pray for:

Pray for the continued lessons we teach this month at a Methodist youth group and a PHC youth group in Chingola.

Pray for Bill who has a biopsy of his Esophagus the first week of May.



We would be so gratful for your financial support or advocacy!  No amount is too small - it all adds up and makes a big difference as we reach one life at a time!  Your tax deductible donation can be mailed to:



P.O. box 2716

Centennial, CO  80161 (memo: Zambia)



Grateful for His Grace

Bill, Marci & team



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