Summer, 2016
Dear friends in prayer,
Although it has been awhile since you have heard from us, you continue in our thoughts and prayers.  We are thankful to be settled in a facility that meets our needs.  We are in a two-bedroom apartment and get all our home-cooked meals in the dining room.  It is wonderful to have a few of our old-time friends also living here and other dear friends who live nearby.
We are grateful to be doing well physically and in other ways.  Because of our impaired eyesight, however, there are occasions when we need additional help.  We are plessed by the loving care of close friends who are willing to assist us in getting to medical appointments and other commitments.  The International Linguistic Center where we used to live is fairly close to us and we enjoy getting to some of the functions there.
Doug and family continue in Maryland and we are happy to be in contact by email and telephone.  Granddaughter Rachel and her husband Ryan are buy working and are doing well.
We thank the Lord for the good news we receive of those to whom we ministered in years past, and to hear what God continues to do in their lives.
Tank you for your continued partnership with us.  We value it very much.
Please note our change of address:
Dave and Gloria Garah
355 W. Westchester Parkway
Apt 237
Grand Prairie, TX  55052
Phone:  469-520-5572
With loving appreciation
Dave & Gloria 

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