Gilbert & Helen Filsinger

                          Aracatuba, Brazil


Fellowship international Mission, 555 S. 24th St, Allentown PA, 18104


Filsingers Prayer Letter   -   C.P/ 29, 16.100, Aracatuba, P.P., Brazil

We thank the Lord for His work here in Aracatube throu you and us!


Thank you so much for lifting us up in your prayers!  Look and see what God has done:


Giba taught Contemporary Theology and Helen taught Biblical Geography at SEMIBE this year.  The students worked hard, including the 4 students from our Maranata Bible Church. 


We just concluded the Mailbox Club 10-lesson series in two public schools (1st and 5th grades).  Two teachers wanted to take the course too, so we had 304 students who received certificates or diplomas.  Diplomas are for the 5th graders who attended at least 7 classes.  The 24 who completed all ten lessons received a certificate to attend a week at Harmony Summer Camp in January.  Also, 75 of them will be goiong to Day Camp on Nov 1st.  141 made professions of faith during the 5 months - Praise Him!


In August and September we spend 2 weeks involved with MAF, working on the Amazon river basin in the public schools, teaching 19 lessons from the CEF Mailbox club to 250 students, ages 3 to 16.  Giva also taught an Evangelism and Discipleship course for 3 nights to leaders of 5 churches.  We were amazed at the open hearts and homes to receive the truth of the Bible!


We are preparing to travel to the US and stay at least November through January for the births of 2 granddaughters and to visit some of the closer supporting friends and churches.  We plan to return to Brazil for Giba's cancer surgery and then later return to the States to finish visiting.  Hope to see you soon, here, there or in the air! 


In Him,

Giba and Helen Filsinger 

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