Gilbert & Helen Filsinger

                          Aracatuba, Brazil


Fellowship international Mission, 555 S. 24th St, Allentown PA, 18104


Filsingers Prayer Letter   -   C.P/ 29, 16.100, Aracatuba, P.P., Brazil

We thank the Lord for His work here in Aracatube throu you and us!


Giba taught Hamartiology and The Synoptic Gospels this year at the Seminary.  Five of the students were from our Maranata Bible Church!


341 Children in November for the finishing the 10-lesson course of The Mailbox Club.  the classes were taught in 2 public schools to 1st and 5th graders by 3 other teachers from our church and seminary, besides both of us.  190 children made professions of faith during the course and the date they said they asked Jesus to be their Savior and told us was recorded behind their diploma or certificate! We gave out 140 Bibles to the 1st graders who didn't have one and the Gideons gave out 165 New Testaments to the 5th graders which included the 91 who didn't have one.  We are visiting the 5th grade children that live close to our church who said they want a visit and offering them a full Bible if they do not have one.  During the visit we also invite them to our Sunday school class and help them go to Harmony Camp.  Dad Barrows helped order and give Bibles out during lesson.


#9 - Christ's return, the rapture and the five crowns that the children of God can receive!  The 4th and 5th graders of one of our schools went to Day Camp last year.  This year the 5th and 6th graders of our other school had a Day Camp now in November, so they are acquainted with the grounds and "uncles" and "aunts"


At Maranata Bible Church we had a strong DVBS but it has been hard to keep the children coming regularly to Sunday schoo.  Pray for the teachers and for our classrooms in construction to be finished soon.  The neighborhood is full of drugs, prostitution, whichcraft and burglery.  The church has been broken into several times.  There is a death or murder at least once a week.


There are moments that we KNOW that someone must have been praying and in heaven we will find out for sure who that brother or sister is.  We will also probably find out that MOST of the time that was the case, even though we didn't recognize it and thought we were just "great stuff"  haha!  We know He does the work in spite of our shortcoming, that's for sure!  So thanks again for your prayers and for trusting us to use wisely what you share with us!


Pray for Christian, his little sister, Ester, and his family.  He memorizes very well and quickly and he got 2nd best camper award this last July.


In His Love and service,

Giba and Helen Filsinger


Pray that:  1. The members of our church will maintain a pure testimony for the Lord in the community.   2.  The children who accepted Jesus during VBS and the CEF course in the schools will be protected and grow in Him.   3. We keep our personal prayer time and Bible Study   4. More laborers help in the public schools.   5. We speak on Spiritual Warefare at Children and Youth camps in January 10-13 and 17-20.  Please PRAY!  Thank you so much!


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