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                    Gilbert & Helen Filsinger

                          Aracatuba, Brazil


Fellowship international Mission, 555 S. 24th St, Allentown PA, 18104


Filsingers Prayer Letter   -   C.P/ 29, 16.100, Aracatuba, P.P., Brazil

Dear faithful Prayer Partners,

 Hi everyone!  This is your Brazilian friend, Giba.  :)  We are doing fine, very busy in the church, seminary and schools.  I feel, I need to cut some of the many things we are involved in, but we enjoy so much all we do.  Our house is always "invaded" by church people and friends.  It makes us feel good.  But we need to be careful though, Brazilians like to visit and talk, somehow I have the feeling that I am not telling you anything new!  The Lord is so good; He is always surprising us with something fresh.  There is the opportunity of helping in a brand new public school  The other day Helen shared the gospel and a good number of kids accepted Jesus.  Our school system is so hard on the kids and specially on the teachers.  Teachers have no authority over the kids at all.  The students get away with almost anything.  Many are involved in drug traffic and use, 10 to 12 year olds....The good side of this is the fact that when we start giving the lessons, the changes are so evident, that the teachers look forward to having us back, and they also see the hand of God dismissing the darkenss out of the lives of some of the kids.  Thank-you so much for your help and prayers!  Your giving is helping us and some seminary students from our church who help us in the schools too.  I am teaching Apologetics and Christian Home (Helen).  We are covering an area at Maranata Church for Sunday school classes, for sun and rain protection.  

Together in His service,

Giba and Helen


Prayer:  Please pray for our new President, Bolsonaro, Israel's friend who won by a small margin against communist Haddad.  Also please pray for seminary adjustments to new president as Uncle John Harmon passed away in May.  Summer and Harmony Camp is December through February and children from our public schools will be attending - Thank you!!! 

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