The BIBLE Church
Coffee &

Coffee &
Thanks to your generosity  we have treats after church downstairs.  On any given Sunday we have things ranging from bagels to cookies.  Probably the biggest gift though are those who help set up and clean up!  
If you could help by bringing in something or setting up and cleaning up please sign up on the clipboard by the kitchen door.  

                                                            Current Schedule

  Date /       Bring In   /    

 1-7-                    Edie Miller, Bill Grossberndt, Thelma Nelson

1-14-                   Judi Pierpont, Tammy Zollo, Charlotte Martino

1-21-                    Edie Miller, Marge Maisto, Priscilla Johnson

1-28-                   Edie Miller, Carol Grant, Charlotte Martino

2-4-                     Edie Miller, Joan Buonocore, Pat Kecskes

2-11-                   Edie Miller, Margo Maisto, Deb Ciccio

2-18-                   Carrie Pawlak, Ashe McKenna, Thelma Nelson

2-25-                   Judi Pierpont, Edie Miller, Carol Martino

3-4-                    Edie Miller, Marge Maisto, Priscilla Johnson

3-11-                  Rachel Bruce, Edie Miller, Karen Silva

3-18-                  Pam Ciccio, Joan Buonocore, Thelma Nelson

3-25-                  Judi Pierpont, Edie Miller, Carol Martino 

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