C.B & Susan Nagel, 26259 Royal Oak Rd, Easton, MD - (410) 822-1002, 

Dear Friends at The Bible Church,

Every two years around 5,000 CRU full-time staff members gather for a national conference, which provides us ministry training, inspriation and strategic planning (as a whole as well as for the individual ministries).  This year we are doing something VERY special - we are opening up one weekend of our conferrence to you!  we always talk about you being an integral part of our team to accomplish the mission to which Jesus has called us.  This summer we'd like to give you a chance to see and experience CRU "up close and personal!"  Contact us if interested.


Please pray for:

: The salvation of two men with whom C.B. has been sharing the Good News of Jesus.

: Continued adjustments by Christian & Carolyn with their adoption into our son and daughter-in-law's family.

: Meeting C.B. will be having at CRU 17 with various leaders in the ministry to continue working on plans to address issues of purity = plans to use this critical topic for evangelism and more in depth discipleshipof our staff and those with whom we minister. 

What a blessing you good folks in Waterbury are to us!



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