C.B & Susan Nagel, 26259 Royal Oak Rd, Easton, MD - (410) 822-1002, 

Dear Friends at The Bible Church,

At the end of each year, we reflect on the amazing blessings we have enjoyed.  this year is no exception, in spite of Covid-19.  We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas back in November with our children and their families - what a blast.  You have porbably already received our Christmas card, which has pictures from our time together. 

Another blessing for us is how God has continued using folks like you to provide for our living and ministry expenses over the 47 years we have served through CRU.  Friends at The Bible Church, investments in our mission like your donation earlier this year are examples of God's goodness as displayed through you.

I was hoping to send this letter out last week but I was asked by the football coach of Rutgers University to speak at their Friday evening team meeting before playing the University of Maryland in College Park.  While preparing my talk (I had to record it, due to Covid, and they watched it on the bus ride down from New Jersey), we received some heartbreaking news.  A young man with three children died the day after Thanksgiving.  I had led them through pre-marital counseling and officiated at their wedding ceremony.  His sudden death and its impact on me completely changed the message I shared with the Rutgers' football players.

Though many of our peers are retiring, the Lord continues to burden and energize our hearts to share the Good News with the younger generations.  Thanks to the technology of video conferencing, each week I am able to mentor 25-30 men of all ages from all around the United States.  Last week I was able to share the Gospel with two men.  In spite of Covid, God continues to provide divine appointments to share our faith in-person with those in need.

I wish I could sit down and thank you in person for being a partner with us in this missions.  Thanks to 'Zoom' we could do the next best thing - visit with each other over a computer, iPad or smartphone screen.  Actually, I have been doing this, sharing a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation with folks who what to hear more about our ministry.  If you look at our website:, you can learn more about this video meeting at the bottom of the page.

Wishing our good friends at the Bible Church a Merry Christmas



C.B. & Susan 

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