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Dear Friends at The Bible Church,

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather up in CT.  How have all these years flown by?!?  How could it be over 20 years since I fist visited you in Waterbury?  We now have a 40 year old!


I would never dreamed that after 43 years in the ministry, Susan and I would be in the midst of our most dynamic and important mission to date.  In 2---, we began slowly giving some of our time in ministry to the problems created by internet pornography, the tip of the iceberg of massive personal, family and societal destruction.  Why?  This may seem like a departure from our mission with Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC).  Since its beginning in  1951, CCC (now known in the USA as Cru) has concentrated on the "Great Commission"  (Matthew 28:18-20).  (As always, we take every opportunity to share the Gospel and continue to focus on discipleship.)


The Reason:  God's plan for salvation revealed in Genesis in the creation story is under assault.  Interestingly, around the same time that Cru began, the seeds for the sexual revolution were planted.  Human sexuality was being redefined away from God's design, the antithesis of the Judeo- Christian beliefs held for millenniums.  The destructive seeds of the sexual revolution took root in the 1960's and today are in full bloom.


In both the National scene and on the World stage, the evangelical Christian world has been conspicuously silent in rebutting the nearly 70 year redefinition of healthy, biblical sexuality.  When we, the church, have spoken, it has generally been, "Don't do..." without offering a better plan (God's plan) than the world's plan for sexual fulfillment.


In 2000, our biggest battle was fighting against the secular message that people are "born homosexual" - in effect sentencing people with this struggle to a life without hope.  In less than 20 years, the prevalent issue is "Gender Dysphoria"  (GID - gender identity disorder).


- Non-Christians are "walking wounded"  The secular world is recognizing the problem.  Dr Philip G. Zimbaro - past president of the American Psychological Assoc.  and professor emeritus of psychology at Columbia and Stanford (received his PHD from Yale) argues that we are losing a whole generation of boys.  He calls it the "Demise of Guys:  How video games and pornography are ruining a generation."  The Republican Platform for the 2016 election listed pornography as a public health threat as have mental health experts and reportedly local Governments.


-Many Christians are being sidelined - Our recruitment of college students is impactedJosh McDowell, a leading Christian apologist of our time, commissioned The Barna Group, a Christian polling/research company, to do the most extensive study to date on the impact of pornography.  The Barna study concluded, "It is abundantly clear that pornography is one of the biggest unaddressed problems in the church."  They found that 55% of men identifying as born-again Christians are regularly looking at pornography.  Is there any doubt why we lack male leadership and that materialism consumes Christians' attention more than world evangelism?


In 2015, I was tasked with the responsibility to help Cru across our many divisions and around the world to address this epidemic.  In April of this year, I spent two weeks in Hong Kong working with our Chinese staff as well as the men's ministry in a Chinese mega-church.  (Let me know if you would like a copy of my findings from that trip.)


After the first of the year, I will be traveling to our International Headquarters in Orlando to meet with various leaders of our ministry.  We will be discussing how Cru can lead the way in helping Christians as well as non-believers experience God's abundance plus strategies for freedom.


Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 reminds us the value of partnerships vs. "going it alone."  Partners in the ministry with us (like you, Friends at The Bible Church), through your last investment of $500 in July, have made it possible for Susan and me to last 43 years.  However, our present situation necessitates we raise additional support.  We are attempting to secure "100 per cent of our financial support in 100 days."


Will you join the Nagels in helping to turn our world right-side up?


May God continue to bless you,

C.B. & Susan 

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