Dave & Gloria Farah

Dear Family and Friends:
Change can be fun, frustrating, and a number of other things.  We are in the midst of experiencing many changes.
About 10 years ago, Dave was diagnosed with a strain of dementia.  Over the past decade the disease has progressed, we have aged, and it was recently decided that we needed more care.  So we have moved to GoodLife Senior Living in Duncanville, TX, 3.5 miles fromt he Whycliffe Center.  The short distance makes it easy for friends to drop in for a visit.  It is a very clean, very pleasant facility that will never had more than 32 residents.  We have a comfortable room and appreciate the care we are getting.
We enjoy working on our memoirs - it brings back lots of good memories!  The work is both enjoyable and challenging, and we marvel as we recount the blessings of the Lord down through the years.  While not a full-time endeavor, it certainly keeps our minds active.  We are very grateful for the ability God has given us to recall converastions and situations from 30-50 years ago.  We are amazed and extremely grateful for how God orchestrated all the many encounters, events and outcomes of our ministries.
We had front row seats and want to continue to pass on many of the blessing s that the Lord has showered on us.  You are part of the team that has made all of this possible.  Many of you have participated with us for years, and we look forward to our partnership continuing.   Thank you.
Dave and Gloria Farah
Good Life Senior Living
302 W wheatland Rd, Room 2A
Duncanville, TX  75116