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                          Dave & Gloria Farah

Dear Friends and Supporters of Dave & Gloria Farah,
I know it has been some time since many of you have heard from my folks, and I wanted to give you an update on their situation.  Unfortunately, both are suffering from advancing Alzheimer's and other physical ailments and are no longer able to communicate with you directly.  They now live in GoodLife Assisted Living in Duncanville, Texas, where they are close to their surviving Wycliffe friends and a church they enjoy.  They are blessed to receive a great deal of help from Jane Peterson, a Wycliffe friend who provides a large dose of love, along with assistance in getting them to medical appointments, reads to them, prays with them and helps with the growing list of physical necessities.  I have been able to visit them a few times in the past year, as has their eldest granddaughter Raquel, but it is a huge relief to have Jane there to help and know they can still receive visits from people they still recognize and love dearly.
My mom is still alert enough to promise to write thank-you notes to the donors every once in a while, but, as you know, has not really been able to do that for quite some time.  My dad still marvels when he hears the names of his supporters and recognizes them, often remarking how faithful one or another has been for so many decades.
It is hard to watch one's parents, or anyone else, shrink inside themselves and lose cognitive functions as the disease advances, and I have been slow in recognizing the degree to which they are no longer able to carry out what at one time were routine activities like writing letters.  But they are no longer able to use a computer nor write by hand, and I realized that many of you may be wondering why the thank-you notes and prayer letters had ceased.  I apologize for the long delay in getting this off to you but I think part of me was hoping they could manage one more letter on their own.
I know, because they mention it often, how blessed they feel for having so many friends, supporters and prayer partners for so many years.  As their medical expenses grow I know they greatly appreciate the continued support when it is possible and remain profoundly grateful for all of you who have given as you are able for so long.
As you know, some days are better than others as the sun sets for them and they still appreciate phone calls and letters.  They often do not hang up the phone properly so if you would like to call them don't give up immediately if it goes straight to voicemail or cuts off.  Someone usually fixes in a day or so.  They can hold conversations for short periods and, if they get frustrated or in a loop of asking the same questions repeatedly, it is fine to just say goodbye and end the call.  Below are their address and phone.  Jane reads them letters, which brings them great happiness.
Tahnk you for the love and support you have given my parents for so long, and the opportunities you made possible for them to carry out rich, fulfilling ministries that touched many people's lives.  They and I are grateful.
Doug Farah 

Good Life Senior Living
302 W wheatland Rd, Room 2A
Duncanville, TX  75116
Doug Farah:  douglas.farah
Jane Peterson: