Eugenio & Sara Berruezo
                    Ambassadors for Christ   
Dear brothers and family in Christ.
I write to bring you a up-day of the situation we are going through
I have to say in advance that our situation is not much worse than the situation in which many families and individuals pass in their lives, so, on many occasions we have advised and helped people to walk through difficult situations, now it is up to ourselves and to apply what we teach taught others in our own lives.
David (Sarah's father) is still in a stable but serious situation with his myelitis, this was suprised last week.  It has not improved anything at all and immobility continues totally paralized from the waist to the feet, and now begins to cause some sores on his back.
The doctor told us that has not progressed or improved anything.  Inflammation in the bone does not decrease.  Nor increases but did not get any improvement.  Furthermore, unable to move his body has given him a sore on his back.  Feel no pain because the affected area is insensitive to any situation.
Late yesterday, he was moved to a much larger hospital and prepared our hospital in the area.  It is now admitted to a central hospital in Barcelona.  The teams there, both human and technical, are much better.  The want to try to make a blood purification because neither antibiotics or cortisone are getting any positive results.
The big drawback too, to recover him is his age.  If this young person suffers is much more likely to recover.  It also has all the drawbacks of the situation he suffers with his heart.
Do we hope that David recovers?  Only God can give us each, but the situaion is complicated and difficult.  Besides his wife Leonore, Sara's mother, is also in a wheelchair.  Our life is complicated a bit, well, say enough.
We'll have to wait patiently to the will of our God, who always good, let us see clearly, a little more, the future.
Apparently, here doctors still have many question about what has produced this 'myelitis'.  The not have much information about why the body sometimes reacts in this way.
Down south, Julian's wife Marta, still struggling with breast cancer.  It has already received 4 chemotherapy sessions.  She has lost her hair and is very weak.
In addition, down south these days the heat is stifling.  Sarah Martha has brought a small air conditioning to make her life a little easier, if in this situation life can be easy.
I tried twice taveling south to watch them and comfort the new church there, but the whole situation here in our own house has been impossible.  I will try to travel as I possibly can.
Sara is largely recovered from her tremendous headaches, but needs to continue taking controls.
Marc revocered from his would be eye infection and is already working in Mardrid and Barcelona.   These days are a bit complicated in politics in this country and is very focused on all communication issues.  You had the head responsible for the communication department of his party. These days it is negotiating of his party joins the government of the country.
I keep in frequent contact with Cuba and with Eduardo in that country.  The other day Eduardo had an accident working with carpenter machine and he cut several tips of his fingers.
We continue asking God to pass soon the storm that we have about our lives these days.
But it is very curous that all those who were involved in the tremendous experience of ministry developed in Cuba in February we are being tested in one way or another.
Please continue to pray for us.  God bless you and send you a tender and sweet embrace.  Much love.
Eugenio Berruezo