Kevin & Cami Zwart
African Inland Mission 

The Meeting - Back in September, Kevin met with the Immigration Committee.  It went well - thank you for praying.  They listened to him for 45 minutes.  Since that time, there have been a series of requests for documentation of the Hazels educational credentials.  Locals tell us it is 'over the top' but Kevin keeps working at it.  We are optimistic that once the documentation comes in, the permits will be approved.  Please continue to pray.  At the end of November, everything basically shuts down here until mid-January.

Please also  continue to pray that hearts and minds will be opened to the work of AIM in Namibia and that the way will be paved for future Work Permits to be approved without so much trouble.

Cami had emergency trip to the cardiologist in September and is feeling so much better with the help of some (hopefully) short-term medication.  Just getting the appointment was miraculous and we are thankful.

We got our replacement car after the accident, paid for entirely by insurance, and are glad to have the transportation we need again.  God provided!

The PEACE plan.  Robert, one of the facilitators for PEACE plan in Namibia, arrives on Thursday to start the next phase of training of churches.  Kevin has been faithfully encouraging the folks here in planning and organizing.  Please pray that enthusiasm will build among the churches already participating and that more leaders of the traditional churches will catch the vision.  The goal:  healthy churches which eventually send missionaries.

Cami's Bible Translation seminar on September 17th went well but was not well attended.  After so much preparation, this is discouraging but we trust that it has a positive impact on some.  We are frustrated with the lack of interest at our church.  Please pray with us as we consider what, if anything, we should do, and how we can get the spiritual feeding and fellowship we are not getting there.

Cami was able to go down to South Africa last week to visit with Belinda, our dear friend who lost her husband in August to ALS.  It was a wonderful trip.  We thank God for the special gift that made it possible and for safe travel on the long bus ride (like traveling from New York to New Orleans!)

Toby had a good min-term break in Kenya and is moving forward with college preparations.  Please pray with us as decisions are looming on where he should go.

Please pray for our young friend Jayden who has Tuberculosis.  He has been on treatment for almost 6 months and we are asking God for a clear chest xray when he completes the treatment in 2 weeks so that he needs not start daily injections of even more heavy medication.  Let's petition our Father for healing of this dear boy!!  He has been through so much already.

Dear friends, we thank you for your prayers.  We have had some wonderful encouragements after some dark times in August and early September.  We covent your continued prayers for more supporters, good health, and wisdom in the many projects and details.  We are so thankful for you.


Kevin, Cami, Toby and Ben