The BIBLE Church

Kevin & Cami Zwart
African Inland Mission 
From Cami:
As most of you are headed into a much-deserved spring, we just made a time change for Fall and will see some cooler weather and the end of the little rain that we get here.  Toby is home for a one-month break and will head back to school for the third term at the end of this month.
 We continue to be incredibly grateful and rejoice that we are in Namibia.  God so obviously prepared the way for us and we have felt support in every way not only from AIM, but from you, our friends and supporters.  Thank you!
One of our tasks as Unit Leaders for Namibia is to determine AIM'S future in this country.  After many, many meetings with people here, we are beginning to understand that the government is extremely suspicious of organizations that do not come from within the mainline churches.  This is partly because many "health and wealth" prophets have come into the country and succeeded in separating a lot of citizens from their money.
One of our goals is to meet with the head of Immigration and explain why we are here, asking for an easier route for our personnel to receive work permits.  In the past, new AIM missionaries to Namibia sometimes waited up to a year for a work permit, to receive in the end only a one-year permit.  The process has to be repeated again the next year.
Kevin is hoping to have a meeting with the Permanent Secretary of Immigration this month.  Please pray that this will happen and that AIM will be viewed favorably.
Here in the capital, we see some mature churches and hope to encourage them to begin to send out their own workers to their countrymen.  Outside the city, there are serious needs for pastoral training and discipleship in the small and remote towns.  Many of the same issues that we saw in Mozambique are troubling the immature churches of the north and the west.  We are praying aobut what AIM's role should be.
We recently did a "tour" and visited all of our colleagues working in Namibia.  It is great that Ben is able to accompany us, doing his homeschool work along the way.  Our collegues in the north are healthy and well, seeing fruit from their ministry and we continue to ask for you to pray for them as they reach out to some neglected population in Tsumkw and Otjiwarongo.  Even if it is easier to get the necessitites and have better health care here, ministry is still difficult cross-culturally with such historic, worldview and cultural differences. 
 Prayer requests from Kevin
1.  As mentioned , I will be meeting with Minister fo Immigration soon and ask you to pray for his understanding of what AIM does and so that he will want to expedite new missionaries coming into Namibia!
2.  At the end of April we are having a joint annual conference with sister mission SIM.  Pray for refreshment and deeper unity and relationships as well as some much needed FUN!
3.  All of May, I will be traveling!  UGH.  I will be going to Mozambique to work with my TEE brothers, visiting their classes, homes and conducting some teaching on behing a servant leader.  Also during May, I will be going up to Kenya to visit a possible ministry partener (TT In ternational) and see them conduct their trainings in a regufee camp and classes in the Lodowar area and how the program functions in different settings. (Yes, I will also squeeze in a weekend with Toby.)
4.  Continue to pray for us:  for wisdom in leading here in Namibia and for clear direction from God.
With God's love
Cami & Kevin