Jews for Jesus
David Brickner, Executive Director

 Dear Pastor Dill and the family of God at The Bible Church,
Shalom to all of you there in Waterbury and thank you for your continuing support of my ministry with Jews for Jesus.  As you receive this letter I will have just returned from Israel after being gone a couple of weeks ministering to our staff, meeting with various leaders and having taken a supporting church group on a tour of the Holy Land.  Of course, I also got to spend some time with my parents who have been living in Jerusalem since 1989.
As you know there's so much going on in Israel with Jews for Jesus, it was very exciting for me to be able to go to see and hear the stories of all that God is doing.  For example, we had two teams of Israeli young people ministering to the Israeli travelers in India and Peru last month.  This ten year program which we call Massah (Hebrew for The Journey) has continually grown in its impact among young Israelis.  This year was no exception.  There was an increase overall in each category:  the number of conversations, contacts and New Testaments distributed.  Of course, the real follow up goes on once these travelers return to Israel and we can invite them to the Moishe Rosen Center.  We are sowing seed all over the world among Israeli young people and this is the group right now that is most open to the gospel.
Now that I have returned from this trip to Israel I immediately traveled south to the Santa Cruz mountains of California where I gathered together with a group of Jewish believers in Jesus and a number of our Jews for Jesus missionary staff.  This is part of our commitment to further disciple Jewish believers in Jesus and provide challenges to those well established to continue to exercise their faith in God and even enter into mission service.  I was asked to share the morning plenaries for all three of the mornings we were together Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It's a rather unique format that we have for these conferences, a time where we encourage people in attendance to have "time in the text."  We follow the daily reading that are part of the synagogue service nd this year the morning readings are from the book of Genesis recounting the death of Abraham.  I'm calling my lessons "Two Funerals and a Wedding" which of course is a little bit of a joke from the Hollywood movie.  But of course, the subject matter is quite serious and I would ask that you pray that God would enable people to deal with some of the significant changes of life that happen.  Abraham, Isaac had both to deal with these events and so do we.  I'm praying that God ministered through me to His people and I welcome your prayers for the fruit of the time we spent in the Santa Cruz mountains.
In just a couple of days I will be jetting my way out to Washington, DC where I'm privileged to speak at McLean Bible Church.  McLean Bible Church has been a long-time supporter of Jews for Jesus and is one of the largest churches in the US.  Lon Solomon the pastor of this church for many years has just recently stepped down from being the main teaching pastor.  David Platt of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptists has taken Lon's place and I'm hoping to have a chance to meet with David and talk with him about the importance of Jewish evangelism.  Lon continues to serve faithfully on our Board and I would ask that you pray for him as he and his wife Brenda are going through the transition of life where they have to let go of the ministry that God has privileged them to spend most of their years.  Lon still has much to give and will be a part of our ministry for many years to come.  In the meantime,  I look forward to reconnecting with many of our friends and supporters and meeting their new pastor at McLean Bible Church.
Last but not least I really want to express my sentiments to you as we move through November.  Let me say todah rabah!  That means thank you very much for your friendship and support of Jews for Jesus over the years.  Your partnership with us means more than you can ever know and I believe it is a key part of the way that God is moving to impact Jews for Jesus around the world.  We count on your prayers and your support and we know that we couldn't do it without you.  As I think about Thanksgiving (Moishe Rosen's favorite holiday) I reflect on all of the things that God has given to us for which we ought to be thankful:  our salvation in Yeshua, the forgivenness of sin, the hope of Heaven, meaningful lives and ministry, the family of God, the church, and you my dear friend.  Each person is important in God's work.  Each friend and supporter of Jews for Jesus is important to us.
May God give all of you much reason to be thankful to Jim during this season of Thanksgiving there at The Bible Church.
Shalom in Yeshua,
David Brickner 

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