Jews for Jesus
David Brickner, Executive Director

 Dear Pastor Dill and the family of God at The Bible Church,
Shalom to you in Waterbury and thank you for the support of the ministry of Jews for Jesus. We've recently come through a busy season of Passover and I'm excited to tell you that God worked mightily, pouring out His Spirit on our missionary efforts.  A good number of Jewish people came to know redemption through the Lamb of God our Messiah Jesus.  In our Moscow branch there was a Passover event that included special music, dancing, and a Bible message about Passover and God's plan for redemption.  Of the 145 people who attended, 50 were Jewish people who do not yet believe in Jesus, 5 of whom came to faith in Him during the event.  
In Chicago branch our staff member Simone attended a Jewish campus group where there was a Torah study discussing the meaning of Afikomen (the bread which Jesus used to say "This is my body given to you.") Each student was asked to say their name and what this traditional element of Passover meant in their home.  Simone said "When it was my turn I explained growing up in a Messianic family we always believed the Afikomen was symbolic of Jesus."  The Reformed Rabbi was very interested and even said that it makes a lot of sense.  As she explained further about not only the matzoh but the third cup which Jesus explained represented his blood, the entire group, including the rabbi were amazed by her explanation.  Other students began to ask more questions and at the end of the study one girl asked the rabbi if they could have an entire study given over to Jewish believers in Jesus.
In Odessa, our team had a two-week street outreach around the holiday; they meet 91 Jewish people who wanted to hear more about Jesus and 14 gentiles who were also interested in the gospel. During series of Passover celebrations the team conducted, 25 Jewish people and 16 gentiles prayed to begin a new life with God based on what Jesus did through His death and resurrection. Hallelujah!

Meanwhile we also just completed our 11th Behold Your God Israel campaign, this time in Eilat.  Eilet is a resort town on the Golf of Aqaba in the Desert.  It's a beautiful resort area and the population doubles in the first weeks of May because it is Israel's Independence Day celebration.  Many of the Israelis take the time for vacation and so we were in Eilat where a lot of Israel came to us.  The leaders of this campaign were Peter Nasser and Vladimir Mitnitsky brothers-in-law actually and veterans of our Jews for Jesus work there in Israel.  They were joined by 18 other staff and volunteers and we also partnered with a local Messianic congregation.  Through literature distribution, personal conversations, beach ministry, and lots of social media they literally engaged thousands of Israelis over their time there.  Please do pray for God's blessing on the follow up from this special outreach.
As you receive this I will have just returned from some travel in Europe where I was primarily in Denmark and France.   I had the opportunity to meet with other leaders in Jewish ministry as well as with all of our staff and the European Board members of Jews for Jesus.  Please pray for wisdom for me as I continue to help us relentlessly pursue God's plan for the salvation of Israel.  I'm grateful to serve alongside a team of dedicated Jewish people.  It's exciting to see what God is doing.
I also want to share with you something that is still a little under wraps but it's important for you to know so that you can pray for us. Our 12th Behold Your God campaign is actually going to be in the city of Jerusalem. It's a ways off from now but this next month we're going to be having a bit of probe outreach where about 15 of our staff will be trying different methodologies to reach the multiplicity of communities there.  For example you have the ultra-Orthodox, the arts community.  There's street people who are homeless or drug addicted, the university crowd and on and on.  We really wisdom from the Lord as we seek to plan this monumental outreach.  We'll be telling you more about it later on but we can't say too much because we don't want to tip off the opposition which is likely to be very stiff.  Buty that's why we need prayers for wisdom and for God's blessing and protection.  It's exciting to be able to share this with you as this is likely the most difficult challenge we've ever taken on in the history of our Jews for Jesus ministry.  But our God is able and I know that through the prayers and support of His people and through the anointing and empowerment of the Holy Spirit that He is going to be honored and glorified and many Jewish people will hear from the gospel and be saved.
Thanks again for your partnership with us there at The Bible Church in this endeaver May God bless you as you live for Him in Waterbury 
Shalom in Jesus,
David Brickner 

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