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Haiti Relief

Dear friends at The Bible Church,

We give thanks that Kathy is pretty much over her case of shingles, which bothered her for months.  As for Lowell, he is recovering well from the radical open-heart surgery and has energy to work on projects.  One is the 21 lesson self-study manual of Bible doctrine, written in English by former missionary colleague Jerry Hildebrand, which Lowell has translated into Portuguese for help in training chruch leaders.  This project is at the point where the translation can be compared, word-for-word, with the English original, correcting typos and improving a sentence here and there before sending the translation to Brazil for publication.

This project is briefly on hold at the moment as Lowell prepares a message in Portuguese to preach by video this coming Sunday in connection with the 50th anniversary of the church God used us, half a century ago, to start in our state capital, Porto Alegre.  When these projects are finished, there is still the history in Portuguese of the church-planting and leadership-development which we helped to pioneer, beginning in 1960.

Lowell should also work on writing (in English) his life story for our children, grandchildren and great-grands.

With an 87th birthday coming up in a few months, all this is a challenge!  We greatly appreciate your standing with us in prayer, not only for the projects mentioned, but also that we may be good representatives of the Lord Jesus here in Greenville, SC

Thank you! 


Lowell & Kathy Bailey 

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