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Thank you for being a part of Team CWO by giving financially in 2016.  You have been a part of the team of people who pray, volunteer, serve and give so that lives can be touched through the ministries of CWO.  God has supplied what was needed to make a difference in the lives of people in Burkina Faso, Haiti, Zambia and Zimbabwe through people like you who have given from what you have.
Becoming an orphan at the age of 10 and married at a young age, Monique did not have much hope for the future.  But because she has learned of Christ's love fro her and has received vocational training at the Village of Opportunity she and other young ladies in Burkina Faso now feel a sense of self-worth and see a bright future.
Stanly has shared that he would usually go to school hungry and try to learn.  He then was able to go to the CWO Feeding Program in Haiti and receive three meals a week.  He said, "Those days were different since I could find a decent and sustaining meal."  Stanley has completed high school and is now part of the music ministry at the CWI church in Port-au-Prince.
The boys and young men ministered to in Zambia receive love and care that helps them physically, mentally and spiritually.  They not only hear that God loves them but they see that love in action.  Davis was unable to walk without assistance and suffered from headaches after having malaria.  Receiving daily vitamins and nutritious food, he was able to recover back to the happy and healthy boy he once was.
Pastor Gwishiri is one of the many pastors and church leaders who have been able to attend training in Zimbabwe.  Like many others have shared with us, he said, "We need more training like this to help us navigate through the challenges we face."  These leaders have been able to receive practical Biblical training which helps them as they minister to the people in their communities.  
Thank you, again, for being a part of these and many other lives which wil never be the same because you decided to be a part of Team CWO in 2016.
We look forward to making a difference in many more lives as you join with Team CWO.
Serving Together,
Greg Yoder

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