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Your involvement with CWO has a greater impact that 'just' supporting ministry and programs financially.  No matter how much you gave or how you were involved, your support has eternal impact.  Generous individuals, churches and organizations made a difference in many ways in 2017.
*Helping to feed children and adults in Haiti, Zambia and Zimbabwe
*Supporting short-term team members going to Burkina Faso and Haiti
*Giving so women can receive vocational training in Haiti and Burkina Faso
*Teaching about HIV/AIDS prevention in Zambia
*Providing a way for church leaders to learn about leadership in Haiti and Zimbabwe
*Playing golf or sponsoring the Making a Difference Golf Tournament
*Helping young men see they have a furure in Christ in Zambia
*Climbing a Colorado 14'er to support CWO programs
*Supporting orphans in Zimbabwe so they have help and hope
*Giving pre-natal education and care to women and caring for Newborns in Haiti
*Helping the US staff provide administrative/development support to staff on the ground in Haiti and Africa
*Teaching those in Burkina Faso about raising chickens and using drip irrigation
*Helping us tell new people about what God is doing through CWO
*Offering medical assistance in Burkina Faso
*Helping young men in Zambia begin a college career
*Celebrating 40 years in ministry and preparing for another 40!
You helped a young man in Haiti who once practiced Voodoo to find Jesus. You encouraged Josphat's heart to help another young man in Zambia.  You helped a young orphaned girl from Zimbabwe infected with HIV to realize her dream to complete high school and enroll in a technical school  You even helped send a team to Burkina to start another church.
God has supplied what was needed to make a difference in the lives of people in Burkina Faso, Haiti, Zambia and Zimbabwe through people like you! 
As Joshua and Hur stood with Moses supporting him in an Israelite victory (Exodus 17), we ask that you continue to Stand with us as we seek God's victory through the ministries of CWO!  Stand with us by continuing to give, telling others about the ministries of CWO, going to serve, participating in events and volunteering.
Serving together,
Greg Yoder      

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