Dear Friends,
The goal of establishing churches among the least-reached is a joint effort, involving a variety of people serving Christ together.  Many are immersed cross-culturally, reaching out to friends, neighbors, colleagues and students, sharing their lives and messages of hope. Many, such as you are in sending countries, upholding the work through your prayers and financing the work through your gifts.  Some, such as me, are behind the scenes, taking care of administrative aspects of sending cross-cultural workers.
Cross-Cultural Worker
One of our workers who has served in South Asia for nearly three decades starts literacy schools in communities near his city.  He and his teammates have begun house churches in these communities.  Some of the new believers demonstrated growth in faith by sponsoring an Easter celebration.  Women in one fellowship face persecution from family.  Others struggle to commit their lives to Christ.
In early May, I was privileged to participate in a Global Outreach Conference of a supporting church in Connecticut.  The week's theme, "Around the World and Across the Street" challenged us to reach out in faith to those both far and near.  Building relationships with people in this church and other cross-cultural workers was a blessing.
The first months of this year flew by as I prepared W-2 and 1095-c forms, went through the audit and closed the books.  I'm grateful these are behind me for the year.  Now I am trying to catch up on my monthly work.
Thank you for cooperating in the work of prayer.
Last April 1, Christar installed a new donation system on www.christar.org  If you set up a recurring gift prior to that date, we need for you to set it up once more in the new platform.  Please follow the steps below:
*Go to www.christ.org/worker/245
*Enter the amount of your donation
*Check the box for recurring monthly donation
*Enter the ID number for the worker (245)
*Click "give now"
*Click "Complete my donation"
*Click "Login to your account" and login with your email address
*Follow the screen's instructions to add payment information
*On the "Gift Summary" page, please be sure to click, "Stop previous donations" to ensure that your old account with the previous system is closed.
Thank you for taking time to make these changes.
*For each of you who participate in serving Christ.
*For cross-cultural workers who are establishing churches.
*For new believers and churches.
*For a successful audit. 
*For believers in South Asia to grow in faith.
*For increased prayer for our financial staff
*For me to catch up on my financial work.
*For good spiritual and physical health for Mom and me. 

 In Christ's Love

Betty Ann Stedwell 




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