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Betty Ann Stedwell - Christar


Dear Friends and family,
Sheng dan kuai le!!!  Merry Christmas!!  Or, a little more directly translated, "Merry Holy Birthday!!"  Tis the season to receive and give!!  Receive Father's love, and give it away!!  And during this Christmas, that's exactly what's happening here in Chengdu.  Some of my Chinese friends and I went out last weekend to give out bags of socks, scarfs, gloves, and heat patches to the homeless in the poorer areas of the city.  In total we gave out about 20 bags, and still there are more bags to give out!!  We'll be heading out some other day to give out the rest, probably around New Year's Eve.  It was the perfect opportunity to give this Christmas away!!!
Besides that, things are going well.  I've had many, many Christmas parties that I've been going to, just because I have many different people in my life by this point, who all of course what to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  :)  But it's been great, and it also keeps me busy, which is good.  Recently I've landed in the land of relaxation and break-time, which is awesome, but also a little disorienting considering all the stuff I usually do.  School wrapped up last week and won't start up again unitl March and English teaching has taken a Christmas/New Year's break and won't start up again until the end of next week (January 4th), so here I am with a much-needed yet disorienting break.  Don't worry, there's lots of other things for me to do, so I won't be too bored.  ;)
Speaking of English teaching...I'm both glad and a little sad to say that our male teacher, Nicolas, moved on to teach in a different school about a month ago.  Though it was a loss, it was also a gain!!  I was once again moved into a position of teaching my kids, though I still am in the administrative role, as well!!  Whoo hoo!!  Last Friday we drew Christmas scenes on blank puzzles while we talked about Christmas-y things.  It was super fun, and they had a great time!  :)  Then we teachers gave them a potential sugar rush by handing them a small Christmas box with candies.  I'm sure the parents loved us.  Just joking; the parents also seemed happy by the gesture.
I'll be home for January!!  I'm flying in on January 19th, so if you have any questions, you can ask me then!!  Or, if you want to ask questions before I come home, feel free to email me!!  my email is:  I hope you had an amazing Christmas, and have a great New Year, everyone!!
Rebecca Wallace