Blaine Richard
Blaine Richard - The Bible Church, Brazil

Our 'vision' for the church must expand.  We are discovering together what it means to be 'world Christians.'  We believe that God is establishing His plan through His church-and that is "the church" universal.  For us, missions is not an obligation, it is a wonderful privilege.

The Bible Church is presently helping to support the following missions/missionaries through our faith promise giving:


                 Foreign Missions

Akmedzianov, Sergei - World Charitable Fund, Russia
Bailey, Lowell & Kathy - World Team, Brazil (Retired)
Berruezo, Eugenio & Sara - Ambassadors for Christ, Spain
Butler, Pat - Greater Europe Mission
Farah, Dave & Gloria - Wycliffe Bible Translators
Filsinger, Giba & Helen - Fellowship of Int'l Missions, Brazil
Hand to Hand for Haiti
Hobson, Steve & Jan - Campus Crusade, Philippines
Richard, Blaine - The Bible Church,  Brazil
Roesler, Ruth - Team (Retired)
CWO - Chuch Development Fund - Haiti 
Stebbins, Jeff & Beth, Navigators-Colorado/Vietnam
Stedwell, Betty Ann - Christar, Home Office, PA

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                   Local Missions

Cossette, Richard & Carol - Int'l Students, UCONN
GWIM- Greater Waterbury Soup Kitchen
Michel, Joseph - French Speaking Bible Church, Norwalk
Nagel, CB & Sue - City Focus, CT
Radio Bible Class - (Our Daily Bread)
Teen Challenge - New Haven
WIHS Radio
Maner Tyson - Wtby Baptist Ministries
Gateway Bible Church - Watertown