Our 'vision' is for the church to expand.  We are discovering together what it means to be 'world Christians.'  We believe that God is establishing His plan through His church-and that is "the church" universal.  For us, missions is not an obligation, it is a wonderful privilege.

TheBibleChurch is presently helping to support the following missions/missionaries through our faith promise giving:


                 Foreign Missions

Akmedzianov, Sergei - World Charitable Fund, Russia
Bailey, Lowell & Kathy - World Team, Brazil (Retired)
Berruezo, Eugenio & Sara - Ambassadors for Christ, Spain
Butler, Pat - Greater Europe Mission
Farah, Gloria - Wycliffe Bible Translators
Filsinger, Giba & Helen - Fellowship of Int'l Missions, Brazil
Hand to Hand for Haiti
Hobson, Steve & Jan - Campus Crusade, Philippines
Roesler, Ruth - Team (Retired)
CWO - Chuch Development Fund - Haiti 
Stebbins, Jeff & Beth, Navigators-Colorado/Vietnam
Stedwell, Betty Ann - Christar, Home Office, PA

                   Local Missions

Cossette, Richard & Carol - Int'l Students, UCONN
GWIM- Greater Waterbury Soup Kitchen
Michel, Joseph - French Speaking Bible Church, Norwalk
Nagel, CB & Sue - City Focus, CT
Radio Bible Class - (Our Daily Bread)
Teen Challenge - New Haven
WIHS Radio
Maner Tyson - Waterbury Baptist Ministries
Gateway Bible Church - Watertown