Disciple Makers

Dear friends,

Fall Conference 2017 - One Week that Changed the World


Jesus' last few days transformed the world, and understanding them transforms lives.


John 18-20 captures the last week of Jesus' life on earth, fro His betrayal and arrest and bloody death to His glorious resurrection, a resurrection that truly changes everything.  If the Son of God did not actually rise from the dead, then our faith is incredibly pitiful and pointless (1 Corinthians 15:13-19).  But because Jesus did conquer death and rise from the dead, we have eternal life and access to the Father and an absolutely beautiful hope!


We would love to spend time encouraging you with how the Lord worked at Fall Conference:


-Over 350 students came out to hear the Word of God preached, students from across the state, the country and the world.


-at least 3 students put their faith in Jesus!

Let me share with you a story from one of our staff:

 "on Saturday night, we had a time to reflect on what we had been learning and one freshman shared this: "Even if I feed every hungry person on earth, that would never be enough to get into heaven.  It's only thruough Jesus' blood on the cross that I can get there."  Later that night, while talking with a coworker, this student accepted Jesus as her Savior!  Praise the Lord for a new sister in Christ!"


- 9 Albrighters attended, which is a 350% increase from last year.  We are so grateful for what the Lord is doing in our fellowship and in these students' hearts. 


-We led a workship with our coworder Faith called, "Beholding God's Bearuty:  Understanding Body Image and Food in the Light of the Gospel." By God's grace, we were able to share with many students and staff what God had been teaching us about biblical beauty.  Here's what one student said: 

"I've always struggled with my wieght and body image.  As a kid I was bullied for my weight.  In the past few months, I've lost thirty pounds, but I still struggle with insecurty.  I learned in the body image workship that my body is not my own, it is God's temple.  Taking care of my body and losing weight isn't just or me, I can do it to honor Jesus with my body."  Allentown School Junior


As the semester comes to a close, Please pray for our energy as we continue to invest in students.  By this time in the semester, we are starting to feel tired and weary.  It is a comfort to remember that it is the Lord who ultimately works in students' hearts (Psalm 127:1-2)!  Please pray that we, as well as the other campus staff, would be strengthened by our time in the Word and in prayer as we continue to serve our students and do the work to which God has called us.


Thank you, as always, for your prayers and suppert!  Feel free to call or email with any ways we can be praying for you. 


Blessings in Christ,

Lincoln & Jenny Fitch