Disciple Makers

Dear friends,


On Monday, March 13th, just before Winter Storm Stella hit, we departed with students from Kutztown and students from a new plant school for our week-long spring break trip.  We went to a YoungLife camp on Lake Champion, and when we awoke on Tuesday morning, we already had 2 feet of snow dumped on us, with many more inches still falling from the sky!  However, these students still served the YoungLife camp with great joy, shoveling, cleaning and cooking in the kitchen.  Many fun things happened, like snowball fights and skits; but the greatest thing by far was watching a student understand the gospel for the first time.

"V", though very unsure of what she believed in, came with us on the trip, eager to serve and spend time with friends.  Each night, DiscipleMakers staff taught from a different chapter of the book of Jonah, and "V" realized that she had dozens of questions that she just couldn't answer.  

On e of these questions was, "How do I become right with God?"  We chatted about that over dinner one night and when she finally answered, "I don't know," Jenny upened up Romans 3 with her, and shared that we do not become right with God by doing good deeds, because, as Romans 3:23 says, we can't!  But instead, we are made right with God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and that anyone who believes in Him will have eternal life with God.

That night I preached on Jonah 3, where he shared that true repentance changes your life, and the moment the evening session was over, "V" booked it back to her room and repented, asking God for forgiveness through what Christ had done for her.  She shared with me later that it felt like a huge weight was being lifted off of her shoulders, realizing that it wasn't her goodness that mattered, but that it was ultimately Jesus' goodness that mattered.  She finally felt free!

Praise God for a new sister in Christ!