Disciple Makers

Dear friends,

Happy 2021!

It's hard to believe we're already one month into this new year, a year that so many looked forward to with great hope in the midst of this wearing and painful Covid 19 pandemic.  We pray that 'the God of all comfort would comfort you in your afflictions," no matter what those afflictions may be (2 Corinthians 1:3-4, Paraphrase) 

Personal Update

Though it is the beginning of February, classes have only just begun on campus at Kuztown University.  Albright College will not resume classes until just after Valentine's Day on Feburary 15th.  So we wanted to take some time to share a few pieces of our life with you, our beloved friends, financial supporters and prayer partners.  Enjoy these three "S's"


Back in December both Jenny ad Lincoln caught Covid 19.  Lincoln's case was mercifully pretty mild, though he did lose his sense of taste and smell.  Jenny's case was fairly severe, ad involved a trip to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with Covid pneumonia and prescribed steroids to help with recovery.  By God's grace, because Lincoln's case was more mild, he was able to take care of the twins essentially by himself for two weeks before Jenny was well enough to help again.  Incredibly enough, the twins did not catch Covid!  Their tests came back negative..

Our Church family, friends and family from afar were wonderful.  People dropped off meals and random groceries Instacart failed to deliver correctly, friends sent tea gift baskets, and family sent money for takeout.  We felt so loved and cared for.

Another mercy from God is that we are both considered fully recovered!  Lincold regained his sense of taste and smell on Christmas Eve, and Jenny was restored to full health, so no fatigue or shortness of breath of any kind, by New Years Day.  Praise be to God! 


Do you enjoy our tower of books?  Our students went home right around Thanksgiving, so both Lincoln and Jenny have focused on taking seminary classes during this extra-long winter break.  Lincoln took an online class called "Personal Sanctification," a class which had a large devotional aspect to it.  He chose to implement the spiritual discipline of family worship, and our girls especially have loved it, so much so that they will demand for us to 'sing' and 'bible' every night at dinner.  He was also able to take an in-person class down at Reformed Theological Seminary's DC branch.  He felt for fortuante to be able to listen to lectures in-person.  That class was called "Joshua to Esther."

Jenny taking seminary classes is a new endeavor for her.  She applied to Reformed Theological Seminary's new Masters Certificate in Systematic Theology program and was accepted this past fall.  The beauty of this certificate program is it's fewer courses, has more flexibility, and is more affordable.  She's currently taking a course called, "Systematic Thology:  Scripture, Theology Proper and Anthropology."  Though it has been academically stretching, and she has had to act reatively on occasion in order to get her coruse work completed in the midst of caring for the twins, she has absolutely loved the opportunity to study and learn.

Sweet Little Girls

The twins turned two on November 10, and have become more and more quinessentially toddler-like every day since.  Though that comes with more outbursts of anger and obstinate 'no's.' they've really become even more delightful, sweet and silly girls.  Lydia was partcipating in virtual speech therapy, but successfully graduated from in this past fall!  We think she's going to be a left handed introvert, however, she also always wants to be where the people are, to the point where she will forsake her allotted TV time so as to sit at the dinner table with the adults.  She is incredibly physically active, and has become quite the accomplished climber.  She also LOVES to sing.  She is able to sing on pitch, and if Hannah falls asleep before her at night, she'll just sit in her crib, shouting the melodies to the ABCs,Are You Sleeping, Brother John", and Rockabye Baby (or as they call it, "rockababy").  Hannah was also in speech therapy and also successfully graduated from it this past fall!  She was also in virtual feeding therapy, and successfully graduated from that, as well.  She continues to see her virtual physical therapist, but by God's grace we have been able to get her in to in-person outpatient pediatric physical therapy here in Reading once/week.  Hannah loves her therapist.  She has been diagnosed with hypotonia and joint laxity in her knees and ankles, and as such was fitted for orthotics the other day.  Despite her many physical issues, she is one happy child.  She loves to play, to be tickled, to read and to pretend to cook in their play kitchen.  She's also quite our adventurous eater, and has eaten everything from spicy Korean ribs to crab cakes.   


In our last newsletter we asked that you would pray that God would bring in an additional $400/month in lost support, and God answered those prayers.  Praise God!  $400/month of new support was raised over this winter break.  We are so thankful


Please pray for our students, that they would adjust well to a new spring semester where umch is still online and in-person community is still difficult to come by.  Please pray that God would sustain them emotionally and spiritually and that we would be able to shepherd them well in this season.


In Christ,

Lincoln, Jenny, Hannah & Lydia Fitch